Testing with ToxΒΆ

dpaste is continuously tested online with Travis. You can also run the test suite locally with tox. Tox automatically tests the project against multiple Python and Django versions.

$ pip install tox

Then simply call it from the project directory.

$ cd dpaste/
$ tox
Example tox output:ΒΆ
$ tox

py35-django-111 create: /tmp/tox/dpaste/py35-django-111
SKIPPED:InterpreterNotFound: python3.5
py36-django-111 create: /tmp/tox/dpaste/py36-django-111
py36-django-111 installdeps: django>=1.11,<1.12
py36-django-111 inst: /tmp/tox/dpaste/dist/dpaste-3.0a1.zip

Ran 48 tests in 1.724s

SKIPPED:  py35-django-111: InterpreterNotFound: python3.5
SKIPPED:  py35-django-20: InterpreterNotFound: python3.5
py36-django-111: commands succeeded
py36-django-20: commands succeeded
congratulations :)